How to check if you have mold problem in your house
October 23, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Green Clean Restoration, LLC

If you see musty odours, leaks or any discoloration of the ceilings or walls, then it may be a sign that you have detected mold growth.  If you do fine moisture or mold, then it is imperative that you take immediate action. If the is not cleared or removed within a certain period or allowed to propagate, it will cause you some health issues. There are many types of mold available. But hiring a professional mold inspection company is the surest way to guarantee that you indeed have mold problems in the home which are identified and treated appropriately.

In many parts of the house are more susceptible to mold growth which includes bathroom, attic, and basement. The mold growth occurs where there may be excessive moisture or insufficient ventilation. If you notice the growth of mold at early stage, then you can fix the mold quickly without any major change. But if you didn’t see the mold growth and it grows more then it means you have to restore the whole setup. The only way to reduce the cost of remediation is to detect the mold growth at the early stage.

The mold test is unnecessary if you do notice visible mold and you can then remove the mold by following the industry standard guidelines. We also provide the best and professional mold remediation and mold removal with the low cost.

If you have noticed any mold in your house, but you are not sure if it is mold, then you can do the following mold testing.

  • Check for plumbing leaks or water issues in your house or office.
  • If you are a seller or buyer in a real estate transaction, you need some proof whether the airborne mold levels are not in a healthy condition.
  • You may have some allegoric symptoms like stuffy head, headaches, runny nose, scratchy throat and not sure why it happens.
  • If you want air testing after the mold removal process, it has been done by yourself or the professional check whether mold levels have been normalized.
  • You may smell a musty odor, but you can’t see any mold.
  • You need a general assessment of your indoor air quality to ensure the family breathing good quality clean air in your home.

You can easily fine the mold growth in the following places:

  • Under the carpet or above it.
  • Attics, bathroom, basements (mainly finished basements), garages.
  • Inside the wall or ceiling cavities which is exposed to moisture.
  • Places with excess moisture like basements, bathrooms, crawlspaces
  • Walls, floors, ceilings
  • The mold growth sources are present in the air at normal levels or the levels.

Here are some of the signs that show you have mold


In your home, condensation could cause rusting. If you detect any rust on your pipes, you may have a high moisture level and mold problems.

Strange odour

You can notice the musty, moldy scent in your home. The worst smell denotes the higher possibilities of the mold growth in that location.


If you find any leakage in your home, that will cause the water damage and also produce the prime, moist conditions mold requires.

Smelling a mold odor or a musty smell

You can find the invisible mold by their moldy smell. It is the only evidence for the growing hidden mold in your house. Don’t ignore such a moldy smell because it is the starting stage of mold in your home. You have to inspect your house to prevent the mold problems completely.

If you smell your windows, if it shows the musty or moldy smell, then this is the sign of mold growth. Most the people can’t notice the mold before the tiny spores appeared on the place. If you see any musty odour even not visible any mold growth, you have to test your house to detect the mold.


If you have lots of condensation which means huge moisture and this will lead to forming the mold problems. Mold can grow in many places where the condensation builds up.


Moisture issues may cause the wallpaper peeling, paint chipping, and other materials deteriorating. So you have to keep notice to prevent the deterioration in your home.

Health Problems

The mold may cause some of the allegories like sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, coughing or difficulty breathing. If you are feeling any of the symptoms mentioned above, you can understand that the mold is starting to grow in your home.

The indoor mold may affect the health of the residents in your house. You or any of your family members may experience the symptoms of mold like itchy, watery eyes, runny/blocked nose, sneezing, headaches, and respiratory issues.

The only allergy symptoms are not the sign of the mold growth in your house. Mold can also cause some other symptoms such as sinus infection, headaches, sore throat, and coughing. If your family got a continuous cold that seems not to get rid of it, the only reason is mold.

Water damage

The water damage can cause the mold, as the moisture creates a suitable environment for mold spores to grow. It is impossible to dry your house if the flood or water leak occurs and also leads to the mold spores to grow. If you find any flood or a water leak in your house, you have to hire s mold tester in Portland, or you have to check your home by yourself.


If moisture is present, materials such as drywall and wood can wrap. Mold problem causes the warped walls. So if you notice the warping, the mold may present there.


The moisture in the air is high when the home has humid conditions. The high humidity may cause the condensation and excess water which provides an ample food source for the mold spores.

Visible mold

If you see any mold, your house has the mold growth. Be aware of that visible mold, because it may affect the other part of your home also.

If you have a doubt that your house has any mold, then contact the qualified Industrial Hygienist (IH) to test your home. The IH only specializes in mold testing for both testing and remediation. The IH will conduct the test to find out the presence of mold in our home, the affected places and also the level of toxicity. There are various types of mold, but some of them are more dangerous when compared to others.

As one of the best mold remediation company, we will provide you with an exact fact sheet and report about the mold in your house.   If you do attempt to remove the mold by yourself without contacting any professional, it  may accidentally miss some spores or the molds may spread further.

Green Clean Restoration is your best and professional mold remediation/mold removal expert. We will help you to keep your home more safe and mold-free.

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