Mold Testing in Baltimore Metro Area
October 5, 2018 at 7:00 AM
by Green Clean Restoration, LLC

Local Inspection and Remediation Services

Need to get an expert to conduct mold testing? Call the experts in mold inspection and testing Green Clean Restoration LLC who are  in Baltimore Metro Area.

Why do you need mold testing?

  • In case you smell moldy but do not know the source
  • In case there are water damages
  • Reported from the tenants if there are health issues
  • If a black patch identified it should be verified it is mold or dirt.
  • Black mold needs to be addressed quickly before it spread to other areas of your house or office.
  • Do not get uncontrolled growth on you property and to make sure that your spaces are healthy.
  • When found in homes or businesses Mold can cause you asthmatic or even healthy lungs, poses a serious threat to your health.
  • In case of mold, it gives allergic reactions such has sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose.
  • It leads to severe memory loss, dizziness and headaches.

Where can Mold be found?

  • Basements near walls that have seepage problems
  • On attic walls, insulation, and ceilings near rook leaks
  • On and around wooden joists near pipe condensation
  • Under or around leaking air conditioning units
  • Near broken windows or broken window frames
  • Underneath wallpaper in poorly insulated/paneled areas
  • Near foundation cracks
  • On and around faulty external vents
  • Under linoleum near a sink leak
  • Under leaky sinks
  • On and around building infestation problems
  • On the underside of moist carpeting
  • Under wall paneling
  • Under wallpaper
  • Behind wallboard
  • Wet papers
  • On anything that contains cellulose, a food source for mold

Our services

  • Affordable mold solutions.
  • Express consultant will advise for tests.
  • Minimum tests at minimum costs.
  • Inspection done by certified staff.
  • Following industry guidelines for effective remediation.
  • Performing air quality test.
  • Identifying the species of mold and there causes.
  • Customer service 24 x7.

Location: Situated in Baltimore Townson Metropolitan area – Central Maryland,
So, if you are in Baltimore and have mold issues, call us at 410.961.6770 or visit inspection will give you the answers you need to address the mold problem quickly and effectively.

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