Professional Mold Inspection by Green Clean Restoration LLC
October 5, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Green Clean Restoration, LLC

Does your home need a cleanup from those black spots or worried that dampness of the climate would cause moisture build-up? You might have noticed after months of damp wall, wall seems to discolor and there is buildup of dark green to black spots on the ceiling. Even wet weather conditions could triggerwall to get damp making it a breeding ground for mold.

All these conditions that is overlooked leads to mold problems that you as owner need to be aware of. It poses serious health problems that could aggravate with time.

What to do?

Now that you have identified that there ‘IS’ mold in your home, don’t panic. Just call up Green Clean Restoration Company, a company specialized in mold inspection, testing and remediation services for mildew and mold in Ottawa and Montreal.

Why Green Clean Restoration Company?

  • A company specialized in inspection, testing and remediation services for mold and mildew.
  • Over 10 years in providing professional moldservices to home-owners businesses and public sector in terms of quality, speed and customer service.
  • Our mold inspectors are trained and experienced who will confirm of the presence of mold after conducting the complete test.
  • Our mold experts are NAMP ( national Association of Mold Professional) certified and Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) certified.
  • Our inspectors have undergone thermal imaging courses and water damage restoration training.
  • We follow ANSI/IICRC S500 and S520 guidelines for mold remediation and water damage restoration.
  • The area will be inspected using thermal imaging camera to check for the extent of mold.
  • The whole house will be also verified for mold.
  • The area will be verified for moisture using moisture meter readings to identify the causes for mold formation.
  • We conduct infrared inspections and express mold and air quality testing.
  • After conducting the test, the report is submitted to the client.
  • Submit the scope of work with the quote for its removal to the client.

Why mold test?

  • Mold grows in moisture laden area and those areas that has fibers like paper, wood, drywall, and fabrics.
  • The pollens and toxins released by mold causes allergy to the inmates of the house.
  • If prolonged exposure causes aggravated symptoms of wheezing, breathing issues.
  • Assess indoor air quality to confirm presence of mold, identify the species of mold and its concentrations.
  • Proper remedial measures after assessment.
  • Required for home maintenance to save money.
  • In case there are previous past flooding, leaking pipes or roofs, serious water damage, cracks in foundation, poor ventilation, bad insulation and high humidity.
  • For boosting real estate business.
  • Regular check of indoor space on regular basis.

Features of our services

  • We conduct inspection in all areas of the home namely bathroom, basement, attics, kitchens, cold storage rooms, crawlspaces.
  • We verify behind basement wall, underneath basement tiles.
  • Trained staff examine area of concern by taking measurement of temperature, humidity, moisture levels.
  • Experts perform particle scan and locate the potential source of excess moisture.
  • Our inspectors conduct additional mold tests.
  • Our inspectors evaluate the overall extent of contamination.

Have a mold, don’t worry, Green Clean Restoration is there to take care of all your worries. We conduct affordable and quick inspection to make your home free of mold.

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