Water Damage Restoration

Quick decisions are necessary when water enters your home or business. We provide water damage restoration in the greater Baltimore area. Call us right away so we can assist you in getting a jump on your water issue and get you back on track.
Water Damage Cleanup and Moisture Solutions
Water causes damage in homes. Removing water quickly and completely is the key to preserving your property.

Once water enters your space, the clock starts ticking. The source of water determines the course of action necessary to mitigate damages. Once our certified experts show up onsite, we will make every effort to remove the water and any damaged building materials quickly. Our Baltimore, MD-based company sanitizes the space and deploy the proper equipment to dry your space to prepare it for restoration.

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    Category 1 Water

    Category 1 water comes from a fresh water source. A pipe providing clean water or fixtures such as faucets and showerheads are pathways for Category 1 water to enter a space once they are compromised. Damage from Category 1 water can be minimized a quick response time.

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    Category 2 Water

    Category 2 water comes from sources such as bathtubs, dishwashers and washing machines. Water from these sources has soap and detergents, food and soil particles and other biological material that comes from these sources. Because Catergory 2 water has other material present, the damage created from these sources is expedited due to the potential for biological and mold issues to occur.

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    Category 3 Water

    Category 3 water comes from flooding, sump pump back ups, toilet overflows and sewage water. This water causes the most property damage due to the biological contamination that is present. Not only does this water need to be removed quickly, but all affected areas need to be disinfected and building materials and personal property that are removed need to be handled with extra care.

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We follow IICRC standards for water mitigation and we will take extra care to lift the burden and restore your space.
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